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All Sources in the Order of Appearance

„Alles Nichts Oder“, RTL, 1991

“Inglorious Basterds”, Quentin Tarantino, A Band Apart / Studio Babelsberg, 2009

“Casino Royale”, Martin Campbell, Eon Productions / Stillking Films / Babelsberg Film, 2006

Studio Logos, Universal Pictures / 20th Century Fox Film Corporation / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

“Taking Pictures is Forbidden in Islam”, Abu Mussab Wajdi, IslamTheTruthOfLife, 2012

“All about Graven Images”, Alan Horvath, 2015

“Darf man Bilder auf dem Handy machen”, Ahmad Abul Baraa, Habibiflo Dawah Production, 2016

“Graven Image?”, husky394xp, Bryan Denlinger, King James Video Ministries, 2013

„Götzendienst im Christentum?“, Norbert Link, aufpostenstehen, 2012

“Icons versus the Heresy of Iconoclasm”, Ramon Luzarraga, Benedictine University – Mesa Theology Channel, 2013

“An Orthodox Response to John Calvin on Icons”

“Saddam Hussein Statue Pulled Down To The Ground”, hijazna, 2010

“ISIS fanatics destroy Mosul’s museum”, Tube News, 2015

“5 ancient sites ISIS has destroyed in 90 seconds”, Mint, 2015

“The Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan”, wratliff, 2011

“The story behind the wallpaper we’ll never forget”, Microsoft Nederland YouTube kanaal, 2014

“Macro Eye”, Sagar GURUNG, 2016

“Children watching an outdoor scene through a camera obscura”, 1877

“Camera obscura”, 1859

“So God made A Photographer I”, Toma Bonciu – Photo Tom, 2017

“Nicéphore Niépce”, an idealised posthumous portrait painted by the artist Léonard-François Berger, 1854

“Henry Fox Talbot”, John Moffat, 1864

“Louis Daguerre”, by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier-Blot, 1844

“Staff at William Henry Fox Talbot’s commercial calotype establishment in Reading, Berkshire”, 1846

“Marine, étude de nuages”, Gustave Le Gray, 1856

“Tree, Forest of Fontainebleau”, Gustave Le Gray, circa 1856

“Chaise dans un jardin”, Hippolyte Bayard, 1842/1850

“Boulevard du Temple”, Louis Daguerre, 1838

“High Street”, William Fox Henry Talbot, circa 1842

“Polaroid Sun Camera” commercial, 1981

„Kodak Disc Camera“ commercial, 1982

„Polaroid SX-70 Sonar OneStep“ commercial, 1978

Kodak Automatic 35“ commercial, 1959

„Kodak Motormatic 35“ commercial, 1960

„Kodak Instamatic“ commercial, 1969

„Ariane und die Movikon“, Werner Jacobs, Zeiss Ikon AG, 1955

„Born photographer“, FujiFilm commercial, Mary Cooke, Thirty Second Street, 1994

„Canon Ixus“, commercial, Nick Robertson, 2007

„Susan Sontag“, 1979

„Autoportrait dit du Noyé”, Hippolyte Bayard, 1840

“The Haunted Lane”, Melander & Bro., 1889

„Mother visiting Daughters Grave Victorian Spirit Photography“, Photographer unknown, circa 1890

„The haunted lover’s proposal“, stereocard, circa 1890

„Älteres Ehepaar mit der Manifestation eines jungen weiblichen Geistwesens“, William Hope, circa 1920

„ZTE Axon“, commercial

“Fatal Frame” for PlayStation 2, Tecmo /Wanadoo, 2002

“Ghost Coming Out Of Dead Body, Caught on CCTV camera”, scary videos, 2016

“Die 15 gruseligsten und unheimlichsten Aufnahmen von Jäger Cam’s”, MythenAkte, 2015

“Fear”, Panasonic Lumix commercial, Masanobu Hisatomi, Hakuhodo, 2005

„Alla ricerca del volto di Gesu”, Luca Trovellesi Cesana, Sydonia Entertainment, 2013


“The Face of Jesus in Space Photos and Everyday Pictures! Jesus is real! Miracle!”, Jesu Spectre / Show Me A Sign, 2017

“The eye of GOD appear in the sky of England sighting VIDEO”, Vicky Tops, 2017

“Clouds Reveal the Face of Jesus, Miracle!”, Jesu Spectre / Show Me A Sign, 2017

“Vilém Flusser”, Bernd Bodtlaender

“Picture Book”, Hewlett Packard commercial, Francois Vogel, 2006

“Autoportrait”, Stereo, Hippolyte Bayard, 1855

“Autoportrait”, Hippolyte Bayard, circa 1850

“Junge Frau mit Kamera auf Stativ”, 19th Century

“Mammoth camera”, George R. Lawrence, 1900
“Talbot’s Processes – Photographic Processes Series – Chapter 3 of 12“, George Eastman Museum, 2014

“Fassade“, Artitec Shop

“Architektin“, mindof

“Bauarbeiter”, Michael Gaida

“Hausbesitzer”, kurhan

“Hausbesetzer”, Michael Kipp, 1981

“Bürgerinnen”, Ralph Fierz

“ASMR Graven Image”, Michael White, 2015
“Eyes Footage”, iDivine, 2016

“The unexpected benefits of fear – why you should get over your fear of cameras”, Business Film Booth, 2016

“FEAR of being filmed and being embarrassed”, Blaž Cegnar, 2012

“Can cameras steal your soul?”, Lindowitz88, 2010

“cameras steal your soul”, Ecce Porfirium, 2012

“Don’t let the camera steal your soul!”, Graham Collins, 2016

“Soul Stealing”, Robot Chicken / Adult Swim, 2011

“The Toulambi – First Contact in New-Guinea”, Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, 1993

“Si j’avais 4 dromadaires…“, Chris Marker, 1966

Thompsons-Revolver-Camera, 1862

Sands and Hunter Gun Camera, 1885

Bolex 8mm camera gun

Doryu 2-16 Flash Camera, 1955

“Image Fulgurator”, Julius von Bismarck

Leica Rifle Camera, 1937-39

Nikon-D200, Tactical Camera Assault Long Range Stock

Type 89 “Rokuoh-Sha” Camera, Japan, 35mm

“Photos Steal the Soul”, Ryan Denora, 2014

“don’t take my picture”, Constitutional Corner, 2017

“Navy police officer: Dont video tape me!” Cites “My Privacy Act!””, DVincentW, 2015

“wallkill woman attacks news photographer”, mralpine71, 2007

“Raw Video – News Crew Attacked SACRAMENTO, CA”, WorldLiveNews, 2011

“cameraman attacked with bear spray”, Kam Productions, 2015

„Mr. Angry“, Contax Camera commercial, 1994

„Otto von Bismarck“, circa 1860 und 1898

„John Berger“, Jean Mohr, 1999

„Fotoatelier Braut 19. Jahrhundert“, 1895

„Mugshot of American Criminal”, 1914

„Krimkrieg“, Roger Fenton, 1855

„Confederate soldiers captured at Shenandoah Valley”, 1862

“Junge Frau mit Sonnenschirm”, 1885

“Crazy Horse”, 1877

“Two rebels executed after the Sepoy Rebellion”, Felice Beato, 1858

“Czeslawa Kwoka, Gefangene 26947, Konzentrationslager Auschwitz”, Wilhelm Brasse

“Gefangene im Tuol Seng Gefängnis, Kambodscha”, Nhem En

“In syrischen Gefängnissen”, Caesar, 2015

“Security Guard Demands Man Delete His Footage And Opens The Door To His Vehicle”, freedividual, 2016

“2013-06-17 – Pressefreiheit auf türkisch: Journalist soll Polizisten nicht filmen”, KraftZeitung, 2013

“Worst Paparazzi Encounter: Lindsay Lohan”, Tehuixteko M, 2008

“Scopophobia – lyrical video”, War from a Harlots Mouth, 2012

“My Mother Diana (Royal Family Documentary)”, Real Stories, 2017

“The Evil Eye On Social Media”, Mufti Ismael Menk, The Merciful Servant, 2014

“Trust It To Polaroid”, Polaroid commercial, 1992

“Turn Around”, Eastman Kodak commercial, 1961

“Will You Remember”, Kodak Gold Ultra commercial, 1999

“Roland Barthes”, 1970

“John Berger”, Eamonn McCabe, 1999

“Susan Sontag”, Jean-Regis Roustan, 1972

“Looking Through OLD Photo Album!“, The S.H.A. Club, 2017

“Indian Wedding Album sample | Best Indian wedding album | Flush mount Album”, Dreamshot, 2017

“Wedding Albums designs by Photographics Solution”, Molinski Photography, 2014

“Ejemplo de Fotobook”, Grupo Celmark, 2011

“Queensberry Duo Wedding Album”, Manu Mendoza, Wedding Photography, 2016

“Sample Wedding Album”, Chris Amos Photography, 2012

“Wedding Book – Foto knjiga (vjenčanje)”, Slavenko Vukasovic, 2013

“The Real Kodak Moment Happens When You Share”, Kodak, 2010

“Pictures on the Wall”, Tapiola Insurance/BBDO, 2001

“Never Again: Don’t Be That Parent “, Canon, 2014

“My HP picturebook”, Hewlett Packard, 2008

“Eyes In The Dark [Animation test in Adobe After Effects]”,
Kristoffer Skjørestad, 2012

“Intellectual Property”, Durham University, 2016

“Copyright Basics”, Coypright Clearance Center, 2010

“Save Copyright Reform!”, Copy-Me, 2015

“Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens”, iKeepSafe, 2016

“What Is Copyright?”, Ryan Molton, 2013

“Early Copyright History”, Copy-Me, 2014

“Copy (aka copyright) Tells the Story of His Life”, FixCopyright, 2016

“Film Piracy – CIFF”, Amr Mohammed Abdelhamed, 2007

„Anti-Piracy“, Federation Against Copyright Theft, 2002

„Respect Copyrights!“, Constantin Film Verleih GmbH, 2011

“the new anti piracy ad campaign for cinemas”, Quantum Films, 2014

“Raubkopierer sind Verbrecher!”, Zukunft Kino Marketing GmbH, 2003

“Das Dschungelbuch”, Wolfgang Reitherman, Walt Disney, 1967

“Disney Blu-ray_ Movies Magic More – Trailer”, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2008

“Schloss Neuschwanstein”, RudyBalasco

“Schloss Disney”, pxhere

“Schloss Neuschwanstein”, SeanPavonePhoto

“Disney Blu-ray: Movies. Magic. More – Trailer”, Walt Disney Studios, 2008

“Disney Enchanted Anti Piracy Trailer”, Walt Disney Studios, 2010

“Why Photos of the Eiffel Tower at Night are Illegal”, Half As Interesting, 2017

“Copyright: Forever Less One Day”, CGP Grey, 2011

“Don’t Copy That Floppy”, Software Publishers Association, 2009

“Remake, Remix, Rip-Off: Kopierkultur und das türkische Pop-Kino”,
Cem Kaya, UFA Fiction, 2015

“Steal Like An Artist: Austin Kleon at TEDxKC”, 2012

“The Art of Copying”, Anton Guttenberg

“iTunes: Rip. Mix. Burn”, Apple commercial, 2006

“Everything Is A Remix”, Kirby Ferguson, 2015

“YouTube Copyright Basics“, YouTube-Hilfe, 2013

“Augmented Reality Cinema”, When Just Happened100, 2011

“Photo Theft, Instagram, & Monkeys! Oh My!”, Rick Boost, Burst Mode, 2017

“Peta sues to give copyright for ‘monkey selfies’ to macaque who snapped them”, The Guardian, 2015

“Wikimedia says taking a selfie is monkey business”, EuroNews, 2014

“PETA suit claims monkey holds copyright to famous selfie”, CNN, 2015

“Look of Love”, Canon commercial, 2001

“They’ve got the wrong monkey”, Mirror / ITV, 2017

“You could get sued for using these colors”, Business Insider, 2017

“OBM – Color – Pullman Brown (UPS Brown) #644117”, Our Best Moments, 2016

“Citroen DS”, circa 1955

“Le Corbusier und Cassina”, 1986


“Eames Chair”

“Bauhaus Dessau”, Michael Konstabel

“Bauhaus”, Michael Konstabel
“McDonalds”, Logo

“Daimler-Benz “, Logo

“Apple “, Logo

“Shell”, Logo

“Milka”, Logo

“Deutsche Post”, Logo

“Barbie”, Logo

“Graffiti”, Wim Kantona

“Selfie Song”, Jamich & Davey Langit, 2013

“Photos Every Day”, Apple iPhone 5 commercial, 2012

“IKEA 型錄擴增實境功能 影片”, Ikea Taiwan, 2013

“Will the EU kill photography in public places – Freedom of Panorama”, Matt Widgery, 2015

“Copy explains ‘Freedom of Panorama'”, FixCopyright, 2016

“The Most Instagrammed Locations of 2016 Require No Filter”, buzz60, 2016

“Periscope: Now on Twitter”, Twitter, 2016

“Building Projection Advertising demo”, LCI Productions Ltd, 2009

“Hello NASA”, Ferienregion Bergün Filisur, 2017

“Introducing Instagram Stories”, Instagram, 2016

“Emotional”, Kodak commercial, Joe Pytka, 2005

“GoPro App: Control. View. Share.”, GoPro, 2013

“Sherrie Levine”, Jason Schmidt, 2016

“This Is What The Future of Instagram looks like”, TIME Inc., 2015
“Go Live With A Friend on Instagram”, Instagram, 2017

“Jeff Koons x Snapchat”, Snapchat, 2017

“Fila para tirar um Selfie com a Mona Lisa no Musee du Louvre”, Celso Carvalho do Amaral, 2015

“Admiring Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Louvre Museum Paris, France, May 22nd, 2009“, Blarneylady, 2009

“Louis Vuitton presents an Interview with Jeff Koons for Masters“, Louis Vuitton, 2017

“Louis Vuitton – Masters, a collaboration with Jeff Koons”, Louis Vuitton, 2017

“Louis Vuitton presents VAN GOGH from Masters, a Collaboration with Jeff Koons”, Louis Vuitton, 2017

“Louis Vuitton presents RUBENS from Masters, a Collaboration with Jeff Koons”, Louis Vuitton, 2017

“Samantha and Scarlett Santana have some fun in the ride area of a carnival”, Carol M. Highsmith, 2014

“Cowboy”, Sam Abell, Philip Morris commercial, 1970s

“Untitled (Cowboy)”, Richard Prince, 1989

“Tank Man”, Jeff Widener, 1989

“The Eye”, Michael Garlington, 2013

“Selfie Song (Official Music Video)”, Davey Langit, 2013

“Introducing the Insta360 Nano”, Insta360, 2016

“GoPro: Introducing HERO5 Black”, GoPro, 2016

“CHACAL – Pa’ La Camara (Video Oficial by FREDDY LOONS) Reggaeton Cubano Cubaton“, Planet Records Miami Cuba, 2016

“iPhone 6s”, Apple, 2015

“Kidizoom – Selfie Cam – Pour des selfies super girly”, VTechJouets, 2016
“Selfie” (Clip Officiel), Koffi Olomide , 2015

“I am Part of the World”, Nikon commercial, 2011

“Life”, Cover, 1971

“People”, Cover, 2011

“Us”, Cover, 1997

“Self”, Cover, 2016

“Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie at the Oscars”, Oscars, 2014

“敲卡哇伊 石原里美拍摄佳能广告 幕后与花絮”, 2017

“Charles Baudelaire”, Etienne Carjat, 1862

“’Selfie Le Le Re’ FULL VIDEO Song – Salman Khan | Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, T-Series, 2015

“’Selfies at Serious Places’ Tumblr: Photos at Funerals, House Fires”, Patrick Jones, b/60, 2013

“’Stop taking selfies’: Amatrice mayor asks tourists to show more respect to those killed by quake”, RT, 2017

“Homem faz selfie após acidente durante revezamento da Tocha Olímpica em Osasco”, muitoalemdojg, 2014

Buddy Bolton & Brett Kline, 2016

“Eye Robot”, shutterthyme, 2013

“Fei-Fei Li on AI and Machine Learning”, Anita Borg Institue, 2018

“Learning to See”, The New York Times Conferences, 2018

“Stanford Engineering’s Fei-Fei Li explores visual intelligence in computers”, Stanford University School of Engineering, 2014

“Li Fei fei:Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Google Cloud Conference in 2017“, Song Lin, 2017

“Fei Fei Li”, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, 2017

“Research Symposium 2017 – Morning Keynote Address – Dr. Fei-Fei Li”, The Harker School, 2017

“WiDS Tech Talk, Fei-Fei Li”, ICMEStudio Stanford, 2015

“picsbuffet”, Pixabay, 2018

“TED – Ideas worth spreading”, TEDTalks, 2015

“How we teach computers to understand pictures“, Fei Fei Li, TEDTalks, 2015

“Google Photos: Photos. For Life.“, Google Photos, 2016

“How Google solved our photo backup nightmare“, The Verge, 2015

“RAAIS 2017 – Emmanuel Mogenet, Head of Google Research Europe”,
The Research and Applied AI Summit, 2017

“Introducing Echo Look. Love your look. Every day.“, amazonfashion, 2017

“Introducing the new Google Photos”, Google, 2015

“These are the moments”, Kodak commercial, 1995

“How to share photos easily with Moments by Facebook”, Softonic, 2016

“Who owns your Facebook photos?”, WCPO, 2014

“Google Photos: Introducing New, Smarter Albums”, Google Photos, 2016

“Andres Guadamuz: Do androids dream of electric copyright?”, re:publica, 2016

“Beauty Contest Judged by Robots”, Beauty.AI, 2015

“iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X”, Apple commercial, 2017

“Meet iPhone X”, Apple commercial, 2017

“Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture”, Chen Cao, Derek Bradley, Kun Zhou, Thabo Beeler, DisneyResearchHub, 2015

“Realeyes Overview”, Realeyes, 2014

“Facial Coding Example”, Realeyes, 2014

“Affectiva Overview”, Affectiva, 2014

“HappyDisgust” expression”, Affectiva, 2014

“Affective Computing: The Power of Emotion Analytics”, Ken Denman, vlabvideos, 2015

“Bosch Security – Queuing notification with Essential Video Analytics”, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, 2017

“Aimetis Face Recognition – Accurate and Easy to Use”, Aimetis, 2017

“TerraLoupe Company Video”, TerraLoupe, 2016

“SciFi Human Eye”, D.Schröder, 2014

“About Cloudview“, Cloudview, 2015

“What is My DigitalGlobe?“, DigitalGlobe, 2014

“MX™-10 Product Video“, Wescam, 2016

“YongZhao_Founder&CEO of DeepGlint“, DeepGlint Official, 2017

“megvii 顔認証 機械の目“, TrendsGloTech, 2017

“Weimu Image Big Data Analysis System“, DeepGlint Official, 2017

“Intelligent Video Analytics Face Detection LightHaus Log“, Lighthaus, 2013

“WOLFCOM Company Introduction Body Camera Video“, Wolfcom, 2014

“Look Beyond What You Can See“, Griffeye Analyze Platform, 2016

“Mobileye PCW – Fußgänger-Erkennungssystem“, Mobileye an Intel Company, 2012

“Mobileye’s Autonomous Car What the System Sees“, Mobileye an Intel Company, 2015

“MorphoFace Investigate“, Idemia, 2013

“Video on Face Recognition Solutions – NeoFace [NEC official]“, NEC Corporation, 2016

“Watson bei der Arbeit: IT-Sicherheit“, IBM, 2017

“Aimetis Symphony – Open, Easy to Use Video Management Software”, Aimetis, 2017

“Susan Sontag”, imago

”DeepGlint FOVEACAM”, DeepGlint Official, 2017

“Watch Dogs”, Ubisoft Montreal, 2014

“Watch Dogs Exposed Trailer – E3 2013”, Ubisoft, 2013

“WATCHDOGS We Are DATA Digital”, Ubisoft, 2015

“Grand Theft Auto V”, Rockstar Games, 2014

“The 2030 Vision For A World Empowered by Satellites”,
Satellite Applications Catapult, 2014

“Crowd Counting at Grand Central Station, NY”, David Ryan, 2012

“Video Analytics Crowd Density Heat Mapping”, Securicorp CCTVUK, 2014

“BriefCam Video Synopsis”, BriefCam, 2016

“Peugeot 207”, commercial, 2007

“How to become invisible to Infrared Cameras“, Phil Mason, Thunderf00t, 2016

„How-to Fool Facial Recognition Tracking Systems“, Kevin Chambers, 2012

“MakeUp Tutorial HOW TO HIDE FROM CAMERAS”, Jillian Mayer, 2013

“Introducing the Phantom 4”, DJI, 2016

“Military Robots – US Marines Test Awesome New Futuristic Military Combat Robots In Action“, WarLeaks, 2016

„DJI – #MyMavic – Tech Geek (feat. Kai Man Wong)“, DJI, 2017

„Video matrimonio Arezzo con drone, Castello di Gargonza“,
Vertigo Wedding Films, 2016

„Aerial Wedding Drone Video – Shilstone House”, Birds Eye View Productions, 2015

„Bodas en Irapuato, Drone, Paqeuete Todo Incluido“, D3 Fotocinema, 2015

„Drone 100 Lights Up the Palm Springs Sky“, Intel, 2016

„Intel’s 500 Drone Light Show“, Intel, 2016

„Ac Classic Blowing Up Insurgents in Iraq-2“,

„Introducing Nokia OZO: The new Virtual Reality Camera from Nokia“,
Nokia, 2015

„Echo Show“, Amazon Echo, 2017

“Introducing Nanit – The Baby Monitor That Thinks”, Nanit, 2016

“Samsung Official TVC: The New Normal”, TheTechieBeast, 2017

“Nanit brings the baby monitor to the 21st century”, TechCrunch, 2016

“Invidyo World’s Smartest Child Monitor with Smile Detection”,
Invidyo Mobilus, 2016

“Google Clips – A new way to capture and save moments”, Made by Google, 2016

“Blincam”, Blincam Inc, 2016

„The Perfect Memory Camera Allows “Time Travel”“, Perfect Memory, 2016

„Timecap, Camera Enregistreur De Vie”, Timecap

“The new year is here, the same to the next generation smart device. See you all!”, Byton. Time to be, 2018

„EN | Bosch Multi-camera system – All-around vision when parking and maneuvering“, Bosch Mobility Solutions, 2016

“Surround View Monitor powered by VADAS Co., Ltd.”, Vadas, 2013

„this is autopilot“, Volvo Cars, 2017

“Smart Toothbrush with a Camera: Hands-on with the Prophix”, Engadget, 2016

“Prophix: The World’s First Smart Video Toothbrush”, Craig S. Kohler, 2017

„Is Your TV Spying on You?“, ABC News, 2015

„Is your smart TV spying on you?“, BBC News, 2017

„Is Your Samsung Smart TV Spying on You?“, Wall Street Journal, 2015

„Seen At 11: Is Your TV Spying On You?“, CBS New York, 2015

„Your Vizio Smart Tv Is Spying On You“, The Next News Network, 2015

„Is Your TV Spying On You?“, msnbc, 2015

„CIA To Spy On You Through TV, Appliances“, The Young Turks, 2012

„livingroomfamily”, WATCHME247, 2017

“Know Useless: GoPro in the Refrigerator”, Je Ar Channel, 2014

“Selfie webcam”, WATCHME247, 2017

“Webcam_girls vacation”, Reallifecam, 2017

“Alin look on cam”, WATCHME247, 2017

“GoPro Hero3 Inside Washing Machine”, Tim Long, 2013

“Yawning (the USERS)”, Kurt Caviezel

“Private”,, 2017

“bedroom”, WATCHME247, 2017

“ANIMALS (Vol 1)”, Kurt Caviezel

“Helpful dog loads washing machine for owner”, Rumble Viral, 2015

“Webcam_linda kitchen”, Reallifecam, 2017

“Bilibi”, SoulPancake

“Tobii in 3 minutes”, Tobii Gaming, 2016

“Cool, my very own Terminator Vision”, Tobias Gattermayer, 2014

“OZO, Enhanced performance”, Nokia, 2015

“Nokia Technologies Team Talks OZO Design”, Nokia, 2015

“Birth of OZO”, Nokia, 2016

„Animatronic Eye Mechanism-Human Eye“, Dan Thompson, animatronic, 2010

„Eyefluence Intro“, Eyefluence Inc., 2016

„Eyefluence“, Eyefluence Inc., 2015

“The Eye Tribe Tracker – The world’s first affordable eye tracker”, The Eye Tribe, 2013

„Future tech: Sony files U.S. patent for smart contact lens that records and plays video“, Sony, TomoNews, 2016

„Make Your Dream Reality“, Northrop Grumman, 2017

„Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary“, Deus Ex, Rob Spence, 2011

„Eye Piece“, Chris Jones, 2014

“Project Elysium Build Video”, Steve Koutsouliotas, Nick Stavrou,
Paranormal Games, 2015

„Vision Reconstruction (The Science of Mind Reading)“,
UCTV Prime Cuts, 2012

“Movie Reconstruction from human brain activity”, Jack Gallant, 2011

“Dream decoding from human brain”, KamitaniLab, 2013

„Future Experience Program N – teaser movie“, Sony, 2016

“Kino mo at CES 2017”, Kino-mo, 2017

„Our Mission: Create Technologies That Move Us“, Panasonic, 2017

„Microsoft HoloLens Review, mind blowing Augmented Reality!”,
James Mackie, 2016

“Amazing Awesome Incredible 7D Whale Hologram in School”,
Miss Lisa, 2015

“The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup”,
Sam Miller, Wired, 2016

“Virtual Zoo”, Magic To Go, 2015

“True Holograms from Realview’s AR Lab”, RealView Imaging, 2016

“Nokia OZO it’s a kind of magic”, Nokia, 2016

“Samsung Official TVC: Ostrich”, SamsungMalaysia, 2017

“Introducing Windows Mixed Reality”, Windows, 2017

“Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!”,
The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel, 2015

“Holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time”,
Microsoft Research, I3D Past Projects, 2016

“Discover Intel RealSense potential with Lenovo PCs”, Lenovo, 2015

“CAM4’s very own performer coach, Nikki Night, tries out CAM4VR for the very first time!”, CAM4, 2017

“ReForm | Hollywood’s Digital Clones”, Creators, 2015

“CGI Animation Tech Demo HD Snappers Facial Rig – by Snappers Mocaps”, The CGBros, 2014

“Super Girl – .Faceshift – facial motion capture 3D – mascotte”,
Hervé Gaerthner, 2015

“Face2Face Real-Time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Vide”,
TUM Visual Computing Group, 2016

“What Makes Tom Hanks Look Like Tom Hanks”, University of Washington, Suwajanakorn, 2015

„Soul Machines – Humanizing the interface between man and machines“, KiwiNetTV, 2017

„BabyX v3.0 Interactive Simulation Official“, Laboratory for Animate Technologies, 2014

“Incroyable ! Hologramme 7D – Imagine Blue Beam, alors, tu ne regarderas pas de peur d’être séduit“, JESUIS CHRIST, 2016

„Sophia Awakens Episode 1“, Hanson Robotics, 2016

„Vilém Flusser”, 1986

„Gatebox Virtual Girl Friend AZUMA HIKARI“, Robotics AI, 2017

„Sarif Industries Commercial“, SarifIndustriesEN, 2011

„Perfect World Pictures“, Perfect World Pictures SG, 2016

„Hyper-Reality“, Keiichi Matsuda, 2016